What is GMERS?

Global Money Exchange and Remittance Solution

GMERS is a cross border payment solution provided by APACPAY to facilitate international currency conversion and money remittance, and offers an easy integration which ensures full transparency and streamlined transactions globally.

Book Your Transfer

Book the amount and currency you require.

Accept a Match

Confirm your transfer by accepting a match.

Receive Funds

The funds are debited directly into your payee's account.

Why use GMERS ?

Full licensing to execute money trade

Through our GMERS, a compliant and secure platform, you will enjoy the full spectrum of money services. Licensed pursuant to relevant laws, polices and regulation ensure operational transparency and security, APACPAY is fully compliant to local exchange and remittance regulations.

Real time exchange rates

GMERS provides you with access to real-time rates through an easy-to-use API, benchmarking to key exchange rate providers such as Thomson Reuters. Our APIs allow you access to these real time exchange rates at the push of a button regardless of devices.

Fast and efficient money transfer

Compared to traditional money remittances, we offer a muck quicker and more efficient money transfer process which is able to handle orders within 6 hours in most countries and regions and lesser than 2 hours in some. This addresses the need for urgent money remittance.

Full transparency on transaction fees

All fees levied are shared upfront before a transaction is made. That is ALL that you pay for APACPAY’s GMERS solution. There are no hidden costs

GMERS is dedicated to offer you the most comprehensive money service wherever you want. We do not stop in widening our range of currencies and countries.

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